1. Not yet a member? Click here to join the National Auto Body Council. Membership at a minimum Bronze level is required to participate in Recycled Rides.

2. Already a member? Click here to register your Recycled Rides event.

Once your Recycled Rides registration has been received and membership status verified, the Members-only Recycled Rides Quick Start Guide and Program Guide with step-by-step timeline and instructions on how to plan and implement a successful event will be emailed to you. Information includes:

  • How to source vehicles, parts and materials and supporting vendors.
  • Access to 1-800 Charity Cars, which generously donates their expertise to help
  • NABC members coordinate and manage all necessary vehicle licensing and title transfers between donors and recipients.
  • Sample list of national charities eager to participate and help identify worthy recipients.
  • Sample Press Kit for local media exposure.
  • Instructions on how to purchase your Presentation Kit which includes the signature large Recycled Rides green bow, banner and key tags.

The Recycled Rides Program Manager will also contact you to assign a unique event tracking number for your event and answer any questions. This assigned event number will track your event; provide support and access to order the Presentation Kit, which is mandatory for every event.

More questions? Click here to contact NABC’s Recycled Rides program Manager. (Programmanager@nationalautobodycouncil.org)

Welcome Aboard!!