Our Industry Partners:
distracted driving initiative

Distracted Driving Initiative

The Distracted Driving Initiative is an intra-industry program formed to educate young drivers on the dangers of inattentive and distracted driving.
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FREE Programs

First Responders Emergency Extrication™

The First Responders Emergency Extrication (FREE™) program is designed to offer local fire departments and rescue squads critical information on the latest technologies and materials in late-model vehicles.
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recycle rides

Recycled Rides™

Recycled Rides™ is a unique program in which industry professionals collaborate to repair and donate vehicles to deserving individuals and service organizations in local communities throughout the country.
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Thank You for your participation and support!

The Inaugural NABC Day was a tremendous milestone, thanks to all of our members and supporters who made it possible. From Mayor Robert Moon's official recognition of NABC Day, to a great round of golf in the NABC Annual Golf Fundraiser to the NABC Member Reception and NABC Recycled Rides™ presentation, it was an incredible showcase of the passion and commitment our industry partners have for our mission. Not even the once-a-year rain in Palm Springs, CA, could dampen the enthusiasm for the year ahead! Together, we are Changing and Saving Lives Every Day.

Stay tuned for four more NABC golf events this year in Dallas, St. Louis, Phoenix and New Jersey.

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