By Dan Greeno, Sterling Autobody, Ontario, CA

November 25, 2013 — Yesterday was the first time I have been able to witness a Recycled Rides event.

rr5I went to the shop early to help set up. I was met by a crew with HUGE smiles. The entire crew was pondering and fussing over the car as I could see that they were ensuring the car is STELLAR in appearance to the new owner who was arriving shortly.

They went through the car with a fine tooth comb. Frank and his team showed that they had a personal interest to see this family happy with their new car.

Chuy, one of frank’s employees, made a collage of the steps it took to bring the car to its like-new state. He did an exceptional job…who would know that a tech of ours has talent like that!!! It was very impressive.

rr2The back of the van was loaded with a laundry basket of food for an entire Thanksgiving Dinner for what looked like an army, donated by Frank himself.

The crew bought a football, soccer ball, basketball and plastered the windshield with gift cards, movie tickets, purchased by the crew and a nice personal gift for the Mrs. was on the dash of the car from the painter and his family. All were purchased with their own money and personal time to go buy the gifts.

THE GOODNESS WAS POURING OUT OF EVERY PERSON IN THE PLACENTIA STORE!! Brought tears to me before the recipient family even showed up. In a day of nonsense and evil……it sure was staggering to see a group of people working together to help someone else and they were more than engaged and motivated to see it happen. And to think they did not know anything about the family other than they had twin boys and a 13 year old.

Today all it feels like we deal with are the problems and the negatives from people. I want you to know that I personally witnessed GOODNESS AND LOVE WITH GIVING HEARTS from the Placentia team. That crew in Placentia should be commended for their personal representation of Sterling and what a fine organization we represent. They did nothing short of knocking it out of the park. In a HUGE WAY. I assure you team Placentia and the entire STERLING organization will be feeling the blessings coming our way from that family’s prayers for years to come.

When the door opened and the lady walked into the room it was as if time stopped. As I witnessed her walk around the car with huge tears in her eyes you could see that she just wanted to pinch herself to assure she was not dreaming. It was wonderful.

I felt personally rewarded by even being a part of something so great.

Don Greeno
General Manager
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