• Oversee the day-to-day operations of National Auto Body Council (NABC)
  • Align tactical efforts with the NABC’s strategic annual goals, as determined by the Board, and provide progress updates on a monthly basis to Executive Committee
  • Support NABC staff alignment with annual goals and provide the necessary assistance and resources to achieve these goals
  • Manage all NABC staff in a manner that supports optimization of employee productivity and development
  • Oversee performance of any organization which provides goods or services to the NABC (e.g. an administrative or management company, a title processing organization such as 800-Charity Cars, fundraising partners, etc.)
  • Assist committee chairpersons in achieving their goals by supporting their alignment with NABC goals and providing the appropriate assistance and resources required to achieve them
  • Assist in scheduling committee meetings as requested
  • Maintain accessibility to NABC members to include the Board
  • Provide appropriate, concise, timely communications to the Board and membership
  • Oversee NABC website content and maintenance
  • Help Board to organize annual and quarterly meetings
  • Establish an annual calendar of meetings annually in advance and communicate to Board and active members
  • Oversee the currency and accuracy of the NABC membership roster

Performance Management: Staff and Vendor

  • Collaborate with the Personnel Committee to establish job descriptions, major responsibilities and performance standards for each staff position
  • Hold semi-annual employee assessment sessions to evaluate staff’s individual performance
  • Work with the Board to develop accountabilities for any external entity assisting the NABC in delivering its mission
  • Hold semi-annual assessment sessions for those external entities noted above, and present results to the Executive Committee

Finance and Revenue Growth

  • Work with the Finance Committee and Board to deliver a balanced budget
  • Manage organizational spending to support budgetary obligations
  • Assist in the oversight coordination of NABC bank accounts, balances and investments
  • Assist in Increasing annual membership by XXXX% for Diamond, XXXX% for Platinum, XXXX for Gold and XXXX% for Bronze
  • Support increases in membership as directed by the Board, subject to annual goals
  • Lead fundraising efforts to increase total revenue, subject to annual goals


  • Collaborate with staff, Board, and contracted marketing resources to highlight the positive work done through NABC efforts and NABC members
  • Oversee and/or facilitate creation of newsletters and press releases to be sent to NABC membership, the Board, trade press, and other media regarding NABC activities
  • Support members in hosting and publicizing NABC initiatives, their efforts, and results
  • Oversee the maintenance of the NABC website and administer the approval process for content


  • Provide status report to Executive Committee and Board on results of efforts of Executive Director on a pre-determined cadence
  • Provide a status report to the Chairperson (on a pre-determined cadence) to include the following:
    • Accomplishments of the Executive Director related to NABC goals
    • Accomplishments of committees and the Executive Director’s contribution to their success
    • New opportunities or challenges identified by the Executive Director
    • Objectives for the following week
    • Financial report (if any changes)
    • Membership report (if any changes)
    • Employee accomplishments (if notable)
  • Provide a detailed summary of events that have taken place since the last meeting at each Board Meeting
  • Submit a trip report to the Chairperson within one week of a meeting, assembly or tradeshow to include:
    • An overall summary of the event (industry, organization, NABC initiative, etc.)
    • Potential members engaged, along with their companies
    • Any new member commitment and their respective level for budgeting purposes
    • Any financial benefit of attending the event (note above; any projected benefit)
    • Any media encountered at the event with any links to media coverage
    • Ideas for improvement for the next such event
  • Submit travel expenses to the Treasurer within one week of returning from an event, for approval
  • An annual report to include the following:
    • Yearly accomplishments
    • Goals achieved
    • Goals not achieved
    • Overall revenue for the year compared to overall revenue of the previous year

Interested candidates should email resumes to Mike McManus at NABC office, with copies to Nick Notte and Renee Ricciotti  co-chairs of NABC Personnel Committee.